Welcome to Lincs Seniors Forum


Senior citizens’ forums are the voice of older people throughout the country, speaking out on local and national issues.

Across the country, forums are harnessing the skills, experience and abilities of older people to resolve important local issues such as health care provision, developing effective transport solutions, combating crime, and fighting to retain local services such as post offices. Forums are also active on national issues such as campaigning for better pensions, often working in partnership with the National Pensioners’ Convention

Lincolnshire is playing an active role in this work and four forums have been set up across the region with the aim of “Being a Voice for Older People”. Forums vary widely in make-up and membership and have no common constitution. Officers are usually older people themselves, with a firm footing in the local community, and with a strong commitment to represent and fight for their fellow senior citizens.

The Forums in East Lincolnshire were set up in an unusual way. Statutory Bodies (Local Councils, East Lincolnshire PCT and East Lincolnshire Social Services) worked with Age Concern (Boston and South Holland) and Help the Aged to form the East Lincolnshire Partnership. As a result there are now forums in all four areas. They have strong links with all the members of the Partnership and received a generous start-up grant from Help the Aged and an additional donation from Discovery Learning, allowing us to fund our organization’s activities.